Seminar on fruit tree pruning
Seminars on fruit tree pruning will take place in the general school Hamba and the neighbouring garden in November 2014 and March 2015. Click here for the detailed program of the past seminar on March 15th 2014.

Seminar on ennobling of fruit varieties
The next fruit tree ennobling seminar will take place in Apold on March 14th 2015. Click here for the details.

Organic beekeeping course
Courses in organic beekeeping are planned to be held in Hamba in the coming December/January. The exact date will be announced here.

Bee Day
A day in the apiary for everyone interested. Watch the bees doing their work, join us extracting and processing the honey, and get an insight in many other practical aspects of beekeeping!
Masks will be provided if needed.

Conducted tours in the apiary and honey/bee product tasting
For groups and individuals, on request.