What we're aiming at

  • promotion of beekeeping as a hobby and a profession
  • introducing in particular young people to beekeeping
  • awareness raising regarding elementary ecological relationships
  • dissemination of knowledge on the honey bee
  • preservation and development of knowledge on traditional fruit varieties
  • popularization of methods of organic beekeeping

Ways to get there

  • installation of an educational center for beekeeping and pomology
  • setting up of a model apiary with facilities for honey extracting and processing
  • cultivation and management of a publicly accessible fruit variety orchard for demonstration and instruction
  • a range of educational events around the honey bee for children, students and other people of any age
  • consulting and courses on particular beekeeping subjects for beginners and advanced learners
  • fruit tree ennobling and training & pruning seminars
  • edition of mauals for beekeeping praxis and of thematic broschures on individual topics in beekeeping and pomiculture